Showrooms have very specialist and unique prmotional, merchandise and print needs, with everything from point of sale advertising, staff uniform and marketing materials combining to make the most compelling sales environment. 

Our showroom team specialise in helping you get the most from your marketing


Everyone knows that customers trust uniforms, this is why it's so important that your workshop or garage takes advantage of this trust to drive customers to your bays. 

With everything from staff uniform, business cards, stationary and flyers you'll love our hight quality, value for money approach to workshops and garages


Autotive parts stores have branding and merchandise challenges specific to your industry. 

We understand that relationships with local garages, workshops and dealers can make or break your business and your branding and merchandise are a proven, effective and cost-effective way of building these relationships.

your industry expert

We're here to help. Our team have the combination of industry expertise, experience and  creativity to assist you in getting the most from every aspect of your advertising and marketing..

There is no aspect of your business as important as your branding. It's been proven time and time again that people will buy from trusted brands regardless of price.

Why are we different? We are not an agency, a  broker or marketing company, as part of the Get it Branded family of brands we are a manufacturer, our design, production and distribution are fully in house and in the UK, meaning we can promise the best quality, value and service, why?  Because we control the order process from start to finish. 

what we do.

Bespoke automotive services

Modern marketing requires a unique approach, our bespoke promotional items and merchandise give you the ability to set your brand and product apart. 

Our experts can match your budget and requirements from an international car model launch to a regional special offer or dealer promotion.

national network coverage

As well as our ability to seamlessly manage bulk ordering, whether for single location shipping in bulk or to dispersed locations we can now offer the ability for your network to order items directly from us for delivery directly to them with options for central or dispersed invoicing. Contact us for more information on our dropshipping options.

Print & promotional

Whether you are planning an international, national or regional launch, promotion or offer we can help to maximaise and focus your marketing spend. We specialise on all aspects branding, promotion and merchandise, from banners and flags or staff uniform to brochures and other print. Make us your automotive industry branding specialists.